Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's official, we have a complete infestation with cockroaches. My birthday was just the start; they're now coming in in hoards. We've tried taping up exposed pipes and little cracks between the walls and the cupboards (good job whoever built this apartment...we appreciate the disheveled-ness you gave us), and today sprayed the entire apartment with enough roach spray to kill a horse, and yet they're still coming out in droves. Keiko came home today to about 40 of the little guys (actually these ones were rather large) belly up, but still alive after the poisoning, scattered all over the house. We thought that was the end of it though, that they were all poisoned and just coming out for one last chance at survival. WRONG! Yeah, a lot were dead, but now there's more just pouring out of somewhere. Within an hour (with repeated spraying of everywhere we think they would be) we've killed at least another 10 that were scurrying quickly around our house in areas they'd never ventured into before (at least as far as we know). We've prayed, stomped, screamed, sprayed, and yet they live on.

Anyone have any good ideas for getting rid of these little buggers?

****Update: this morning I woke up to another batch of the little guys belly up...here's a picture of the kill after they were all stomped on:


  1. MOVE and don't take them with you!! They don't look very little....Seriously, I thought you would be looking for a better, nicer place to live this summer - hopefully, bug free..

  2. flush them down the toilet. seriously it works.